Make Your Own Herbal Sitz Bath

Hemorrhoid sufferers may benefit from using sitz bath, a common and effective treatment for itching, burning and other symptoms of this condition. It is an easy treatment to use to combat the symptoms of hemorrhoids because you can perform the treatment at your convenience and in your own home. There are herbal preparations you can add to increase the effectiveness of your sitz bath.

What Is a Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is a soothing soak to reduce inflammation and pain of the swollen and irritated skin and tissues around the anus and the rectum. Not only a great way to treat the symptoms of prolapsed hemorrhoids, a sitz bath may also help heal vaginal tears, lesions and aids the healing of the sutures in the vaginal and anal areas. But let’s just focus on how it can help you treat hemorrhoids.

How to Make a Sitz Bath

The following steps will guide you through the process of taking a sitz bath:

  • Fill a bathtub with warm water but don’t use water that is too hot as that can irritate the hemorrhoids
  • Allow enough water to fill the tub until it is up to your hips
  • You can add juniper and lavender essential oil to the water – add 22 drops of each essential oil
  • Stir the water to allow the oils to mix in
  • Sit in the tub for 10 to 15 minutes

You can repeat the tub treatment up to three times a day. This treatment will increase blood flow and increase healing and comfort. Juniper detoxifies the urinary system and skin and lavender helps the body deal with stress. Lavender soothes and comforts and is often used to calm down before bed.

Shepherd’s Purse

Consider adding Shepherd’s Purse to your sitz bath. This herb reduces internal and external bleeding, reduces blood pressure, repairs wounds and also helps with prolapses in the hemorrhoids. A prolapse is when the anal tissue extends outside of the anus. It can be quite painful and can also complicate the hemorrhoid case.

  • Take a container and fill it with 2 quarts of water – you must first distill water before using it
  • Add 1 ounce of Shepherd’s Purse to the container of water
  • Allow it to sit undisturbed for 12 hours
  • Boil the mixture for a few minutes then strain it
  • Add this mixture to your sitz bath
  • Take a bath and soak for 20 minutes

You can take a bath up to 3 times a day with Shepherd’s Purse.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is an herbal ingredient that is great for sitz baths. It is often used in over the counter hemorrhoid remedies.

Follow these steps to prepare a sitz bath with Witch Hazel:

  • Get a small tub that you can sit in
  • Add a cup of witch hazel to a basin
  • Fill with warm water – choose a temperature that will not irritate your hemorrhoids
  • Sit in the small tub and soak
  • Repeat as needed for relief

Usually after a course of treatment for 3 or 4 days, the hemorrhoids have abated.

You could also make ice cubes with the Witch Hazel and wrap the frozen cubes in a towel and apply to the affected area. This reduces swelling and irritation.

Hemorrhoids can be painful and embarrassing. Their symptoms may onset when times are socially awkward; however, a variety of herbal remedies exists to help with hemorrhoids. Add them to a sitz bath to increase its effectiveness. These baths may be coupled with application of an herbal hemorrhoid ointment to increase relief and speed up healing.

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