Asthma Rates High in Rural Areas

There are a number of reasons why asthma is on the rise in areas in and around Houston, Texas.

Those who suffer from asthma are always on guard for pollutants that aggravate their condition. Anything from dry conditions to new plant growth can trigger an asthma attack from the pollen in the air. Most of the rural areas surrounding Houston have dense woods. The trees and plants are a natural pollutant to those suffering from asthma.

On the east side of Houston, pollutants from the oil refineries make air pollution high. The pollution from the refineries triggers asthma attacks for people of all ages, especially those who are outside a lot. Children are always going to clinics, doctors, and hospitals with asthma difficulties.

“Many people in rural areas have a difficult time getting to clinics and doctors,” says Dr. Perez, Houston asthma specialist. Many have to stock up on medication so they have instant help when an asthma attack occurs. This concerns many doctors. Getting the help they need is vital to their patients. Children especially need regular checkups to help them stay healthy.

It’s important to:

  • stay indoors, particularly when it’s windy
  • get regular checkups
  • learn how to manage the asthma when an attack happens

Following these few things will reduce the symptoms somewhat.

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